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About The Guild:

Originally founded in Wildstar Early June 2015.
From the ashes of a failed guild we became Hijinx. We sought stronger leadership, better structure, and a higher caliber of player and progression. After clearing Genetic Archives and struggling trying to 18man Datascape, we left Wildstar in order to preserve our guild and find a better pool of raiders for the guild.

We began raiding in late October 2015.
Knowing we were essentially starting fresh, we built our core from whatever we could find at the time; the guild had very humble beginnings. We had plans to be a Legion guild but would do whatever content we could in HFC in order to progress and feel each other out. Looking back, our roster was garbage, I don't know how we ever cleared half of the things that we did. We were determined to do better and to be better. We were constantly recruiting, constantly replacing the bottom of our roster with better and better players. The further into HFC we went, the more progression hungry we became, and the faster we downed content. At the very end, we cleared Mythic Archimonde pre Legion patch. We were satisfied with our accomplishments.

Raids started day 1 of EN
Looking forward to Legion, we wanted to be more cut throat in the first tier of raiding. We wanted to be a name worth remembering, and a guild worth calling home. We were hard on trials and harder on raiders who made mistakes. We never yelled but we made them feel unwanted when they failed to meet expectations. We had lost what we were originally in an attempt to appease the few toxic top who felt they were too good to be raiding with the rest of the team. For this we paid a price and we took almost a mortal wound. A lesson was learned that day. Never pander to toxic raiders demands. They ended up leaving regardless of the changes we made and the appeasements. They wanted to be the best of the best and no matter what we could not keep them happy. Often times these raiders were young, inexperienced, selfserving raiders. Many of them had never done Mythic content and had no idea that wiping more than 40x on a boss was normal. Most of those players after joining higher guilds ended up quitting when they realized what kind of commitment they were signing themselves up for, and realizing that those top guilds, still wipe and have to learn fights.

After all of the rebuilding we took a hard look at what Hijinx was and what the guild meant to us. We valued morals and respect as well as skill and that made our recruitment pool much smaller, but we endured, restructured our guild and Officers and now have an even better guild than we were when we were pushing too hard.

For 10 months we ran two full Mythic raid teams. In the end we let our weekend team go to refocus the guild on a more serious note and push progression harder in our weekday team. Our Officers were getting burned out in the weekend team and we were trying to drag a dying horse to water towards the end of the tier. Blue Team will however never be forgotten. We cleared 7/7M EN and 8/10M NH. Everyone who participated in Blue Team will forever have a place in my heart.

Moving forward into ToS, we expect the guild to be even stronger on the US Charts...

Raid Times, Loot, and Atmosphere:

T,W,TH 7-10pm EST

We expect our raiders to be on BEFORE 7pm and in the raid ready to go. We don’t appreciate people showing up late and often times will sit them for a portion of the night if not all night if they show up late without a good reason.

For loot, we use RCLoot council.
We have a moderately large Officer Core so votes are never unanimous for one person, it’s extremely hard to play favorites, and we have had very few complaints about loot in the last year. Our priority for loot is based on a few things. Are we dying and why? Can gear fix this if we give it to (a) specific person(s). Aka tanks are dying due to low health pushing progression too quickly, then we gear the tanks. If we hit enrage timers we gear the DPS, etc. We also do loot based on attendance, performance, attitude, and necessity.

The atmosphere of our raids.
This varies depending on the night and what we are doing. On trash and farm content we tend to be moderately silly. We joke a lot and are inappropriate enough it has been a joke that we got one of our streamers banned for language violations. We do however take our rules seriously be sure to observe them at all times, even when we are quite silly. During progression, we take things much more seriously. We have raid leaders call things out and we ask that others stay quiet and on task. After each pull that fails miserably, we will pause, talk about it, and try to correct the mistake before pulling again. If the wipe was RNG or we have already established the problem and a fix, we will try to pull again as quickly as we can.

Raid Lockouts:

Each week we will start the raid fresh during early progression in a new tier. The closer we get to the end, the more likely we will be to extend our lockout, especially if we might not be able to QUICKLY and EASILY get back to that boss. In order to push progression as quickly as possible, we WILL extend lockouts when we as Officers deem it necessary. When we are getting close to the end of the tier, if the content has not been cleared yet, expect the last few weeks to be extended to ensure that we finish the tier before Cutting Edge is lost.

We do appreciate input from raiders about whether we extend or reset our lockout, however this will still boil down to what the Officers decide. We will only do votes if we as Officers cannot come to an agreement on our own. More times then not, we will extend when it comes into question towards the end, as in MOST cases, more gear will not be the answer. More often then not it is more pulls, better mechanics, and better raid leading calls.


Recruitment changes almost daily, keep an eye out for changes on our front page or forum posts. However, even when you do not see your class open, we will make exceptions sometimes for exceptional players logs to prove.

Casuals: All classes and specs are welcome for casuals. We do however still ask that casuals apply. We are strict about our rules and how we conduct ourselves.

Requirements: This is for all raiders current and future.
-You must be on time and prepared for raid. This means, research the fights, have gems, and enchants.
*Failure to research or coming unprepared will result in sitting on the bench or dismissal from the raid team.*
-You must be willing to play optimal specs, this means you must be able to perform in the top specs for optimal play.
-You will need to have a headset and a mic. You MUST use your mic to communicate with us in raids during fights when necessary.
-You must be flexible and reliable. We may need to bench you from time to time. We might even need to bench you a lot of the time depending on how great or poorly you are performing as a raider or as a class. This is a progression guild and we will do everything in our power to guarantee success. This is nothing personal and we greatly appreciate those that are understanding and willing to sit on progression. We WILL do our best to get you in to see the content, even if it is not a progression kill, so long as you are an active raider in the guild and are not under-performing to the point of impossibility of completing the content with you in the raid.
-You must use DBM/BigWigs, RCLoot Council, and any other addons we deem necessary.
-Research your class, we should not have to go through the logs and tell you how to play your class.
-No Public Logs. We run our own logs for the guild and they are kept private for a reason. If we catch anyone logging and they are Public, they will not come to anymore raids.
- Raiders and Trials are expected to constantly work on upgrading their gear/ artifact weapon until they are 52 traits at minimum.
-Respect our rules and our decisions. You do not have to always agree with us but understand there is a method to the madness. If you are unhappy, you can come speak to us outside of raid time about any issues you might have. Our rules and decisions as Officers are RARELY up for debate and should be treated as final.

- No Wifi for raids, this is a no go in our guild. We have had too many problems in the past with wifi causing disconnects, lag, and shuttering. Wifi is cancer.
-Absolutely no clickers, if you have abilities, cooldowns, utility spells, or Potions not keybound and you use your mouse to click them, we will ask you to keybind them. If you do not keybind them we will not accept your app.

When Applying:

-Do not lie about your progression, characters, etc. We background check, if it cannot be proven, don’t bother bringing it up.
-We look for proper Talents, and Specs.
-We look you up on logs, those under-performing for their brackets will be denied in most cases.
-Absolutely no clickers, if you take your hand off of WASD to push buttons on your keyboard, you cannot strafe, or you use your mouse to click the abilities on your bar, this is an automatic decline.
-Read the directions fully! Fill out the application fully!

-Modified LootCouncil: Performance/Rank/Attendance + BiS are all considered
-Dual Main Spec Loot Priority (Specs actively used in raid can be part of your dual spec priority)
-Guild funded Cauldrons and Feasts
-Guild supplemented Enchants *when the guild can afford it*
-Great leadership and opportunity for advancement within the guild.
- Strict raiding schedule
-A light but serious atmosphere for raiding and getting the job done, while still having a good time.
-Competitive spots for a continually improving roster.
-Female/Minority friendly guild. All raiders are respected and treated with dignity.

- Trial period lasts for 2 weeks or 6 raids, which ever happens SECOND.
- Trials are expected to be online and ready to raid no later than 6:50pm EST.
- Trials must be fully Gemmed and Enchanted PRIOR to raid.
- Trials that are on the bench are expected to remain online for the entire raid in case they are needed. You are free to leave the raid to complete WQs and Dungeons or LFR. But you must be ready at a moments notice to drop what you are doing and come to raid in the event you are needed.
- Trials on the bench, The nights you spend on the bench DO NOT count towards your Trial period.
- Trials that cannot make a raid must make up this raid before being promoted.
- Trials that miss more than 1 raid in a week for any reason other than an emergency will be terminated. (Holidays excluded)

* Trials are allowed to access our logs but must ask to be put on them. I won't be going out of my way to chase you down. *
Trials are encouraged to ask questions, make suggestions, and be an active part of the guild.

GM: Yaz
Officers: Dârkleaf, Worstpaladin, Murdnunoc
Leaders: Åbyssal, Pip, Hellztotems
Recruitment: Byri, Dârkleaf, Yaz
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These are the values that our members are expected to follow. It is imperative that these values are upheld at all times. We live by these values to ensure that our guild culture is respectful, progressive, and friendly.

Hijinx Values

Integrity – Be truthful with others and do not manipulate or misleading.

Loyalty - Be faithful and devoted to the guild, the officers, and your fellow raiders.

Morality – Be able to distinguish right from wrong and choose to do what is right, even when no one is looking.

Modesty – Be unassuming or moderate in estimating your own abilities. Be humble and let others be the judge of your quality.

Tolerant - Be willing to accept the existence of other opinions or behaviors that you yourself may not necessarily agree with.

Perseverance – Be steadfast, do what is expected despite difficulty or delay.

Dependable - Be where you say you will be. Do what you say you will do.

Excellence – Excel in quality, be outstanding, be good at what you do and constantly practice and improve.


Hijinx Rules

These rules are an extension to the Hijinx Values so there is no dispute over what an individuals interpretation of the values means.

1. Be on time, always. Show up raids at 6:45pm EST. Be outside the raid instance or within a 1 minute travels distance. We will be pulling AT 7:00pm EST sharp with or without you.

2. Be respectful, don't be saying shit that could piss someone off. If it could be derogatory don't say it. If it is Sexist, Racist, or otherwise discriminatory towards any group of people, its off limits.

3. Don't be annoying, Don't beg, Don't nag, Don't exasperate your listener. Meaning, don't PM the officers/GM/Raid lead constantly in raid with questions about the strat, loot, etc. Talk to them quickly with a single statement of what you need and accept that they might not be able to engage in a full blown conversation in between pulls at every boss. No one likes a back seat driver. This rule carries over into all aspects of the guild. Don't pester for money, dungeon runs, alt runs, etc.

4. Do not approach the GM first, If you have an issue talk to an Officer or the Recruitment Officer. Let them handle your problems. The GM(myself) is often busy with behind the scenes things such as forum maintenance, guild drama, loot discussion, Tanking, Raid leading, Guild planning, Recruiting, etc. Talk to an Officer or a fellow guildmate. If they are not available or cannot answer your question then you may approach the GM but do not unless you have tried to contact another first.

5. Let the Raid Leader, Lead![/color=#00cccc], Don't be a backseat driver. Literally no one appreciates that. If your friend just logged on that you want in the raid, let us know once. Don't constantly ask us to get your friend or whoever that person is, in the raid. We are big boys and girls and we as Officers and Raid Leaders hold the right to say no. sometimes it is better for the team to take someone slightly under performing on a fight they have pulled 50+ times rather than your friend who does slightly better with no experience on the boss. This is not ok, stop harassing the Raid Leader, or you will get sat too.

[color=#00cccc]6. Be prepared, Know your class in and out. Have your off spec geared enough to play it if asked. Full enchants and gems are expected before a raid. Bring all of your consumables to raid. If you need ones from the guild ask well before raid. Do not ask 5 minutes before raid, we are often times busy preparing.

7. Spec Properly, Have the right Glyphs and talents. Play the top spec your class offers for your role. There are no exceptions. I don't care if you like combat rogues. If combat sucks, you are not playing combat, I'm sorry.

8. Be active, Be online outside of raid times. Don't be a raid logger. Unless you have the best gear offered there are things you can do to improve yourself and your character. I am not asking you to play 12 hours a day outside of raids but at least spend time on non raid days on the game socializing with the guild and doing things that can benefit yourself, your character, or the guild.

9. Keep your RL personal, If you want to share your life story that is fine. But don't tell the guild in guild chat. Don't tell us personal opinions and things like that. If someone could judge you for it, you should probably keep it to yourself. If it could cause someone to be upset, probably keep it to yourself.

10. No Bros, That's right kids... If you are someone who likes to say the word Bro, Brah, or Bruh... this might not be the place for you. The term Bro as of late has also somewhat become a description for those who are insecure of themselves or bullies, so we want you to fully understand what we mean by this. If you feel the need to tell people you are amazing or link meters to show you thick your Epeen is, you probably aren't actually that good. If you like to think that having the highest dps at the cost of not doing mechanics will get you noticed, you are right. We will probably show you the way to the bench. If you like to key-in so we can listen to you scream, sigh, or make other un-needed and unproductive remarks, expect to be removed. Lastly, if you feel the need to talk about how fleek you are, or any of the above statements, you are probably a bro and need not apply unless you can control it. We have had nothing but immaturity come from these types of players and would just prefer to avoid it. Us "old" people are annoyed by this type of person and would rather not have to deal with it if it can be helped.

11. No Politics, Religion, or Heated Opinions, Don't talk about political things, emotional events, personal opinions about events in the news, beliefs, etc, etc.

12. DPS Meters are for chumps, Don't link your DPS meter, no one is going to stroke your ePeen here. It goes against our Value of Modesty and clutters guild/raid chat. If you want to show someone specific just PM them. If you really want to show off, do mechanics properly and switch to adds, we will see it on the logs and praise you. In some cases showing meters is obviously beneficial such as interrupts, dps to an add, etc. These should be linked only by Leadership and in a non condescending way.

13. Lying, If you lie to the GM, Officers, or members of the guild about who you are or what you have done, this is grounds for immediate termination. We have no room in this guild for those who feel the need to talk themselves up or sell themselves as something they are not. We might not do a background check on you immediately but we will do one. If there is any suspicion that you are lying to us we will check your prior guilds and wowprogress. Don't lie, there is a greater chance of getting caught than not.
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Since I feel it needs mentioning I wanted to have one place to post where everyone can see.

Priority to Raids:

GM/Officers: though typically have priority due to jobs related to the raid such as raid leading, loot, etc. In the event someone needs to be sat for balance reasons, officers/gm are not immune.
* GM/Officers are invited first to raids *

Raiders: Core spots are given to raiders over all others, this is for progression and farm content. If a main raider wants to come they have priority. If for any reason Raiders need to be sat in order to progress or get the right players the gear they need, Raiders will be sat.
*Rotation happens, raiders are not immune to this *

Trials: Trials are those who have already completed a full interview and have been promoted to the appropriate rank. Trials should be prepared and waiting at raid time, outside of the raid. Trials must understand that they will be the lowest on priority for loot among our raiders. Trials must also understand that not everyone will make it past their trial period. Trials are susceptible to rotation as well though less likely during their Trial period (2 weeks).
*Plan to be on the bench a lot the first few weeks of new content if you are not performing very high on the charts/mechanics*

Future Raiders: Future Raiders are those who would like to join our Mythic roster but have not yet gone through a formal interview with the officers. Future Raiders have the same rights as casual members. Until they successfully pass an interview they will not be invited to raids or have priority to loot.

Members: This is purely a social rank. These members have not met any requirements to raid and are not expected to do so. These members may be welcome to basic older content that we put together with alts, but this is not a promise. These members have no priority to invites what so ever, and are the first to be sat for any reason from performance, raid composition, to balance purposes. These members MUST have a DPS spec to play when coming to raids with us. We will not be taking any healers or tanks that are casuals, to our raids.

Priority to Loot: DPS>Tanks>Healers (this is subject to progression needs)

We will generally prioritize 2piece tier sets to everyone disregarding your rank, before 4sets. But the order in which they are received is the same (Dps over support, Raiders over Trials)

Tier pieces being given out and off pieces given out are not counted together. Basically what im trying to say is, if something is someones best in slot and they get it, and there is also a piece of tier on that same boss that will give them their 2set. there is a pretty good chance they will get both items off the boss. We do not take tier and non tier into account together when deciding loot off bosses.

*There will ALWAYS be exceptions to these rules, but about 90% of the time, this is how loot will be handled. We have had the best success for the raid team as well as trying to keep it fair, by doing it this way. Previously we have had Officers fight tooth and nail that the highest dps get ALL the tier first, for the straight benefit of the guild for progression. But I as well as other Officers feel even if that is the most logical and mathematical way to success, it is still wrong and will not breed a good raiding environment. As Officers we have spent HOURS talking about loot rules and what if's. We continue to talk about look every single raid week at our meetings. We understand not everyone will be happy all the time but we promise unless you are literally dragging ass (and no it's not because you dont have loot) you WILL get what you need.*

Just keep in mind, this is a progression guild not a farm guild. When we feel enough people have enough gear for us to push on, we will. It is not the guilds job to make sure you get your 4set before we go to Mythic. You can pug normal and Heroic as well as LFR. We have OFFICERS wearing LFR tier to have their 4set so please, if you come to me with tears about that, that is the one thing I WILL NOT have sympathy for.

This is in order and reasoning behind the decision.

GM/Officer/Raider: These three ranks have equal priority to loot. We will be attempting to make proper judgments based on performance, BiS list, versatility, and loyalty. Many of our raiders play Dual Specs or even Triple Specs for the guild. If you are given permission to, and use that spec REGULARLY in raids, it will be counted as a main spec and will be taken into consideration for loot.
*If you are a proven raider your chances of getting gear will be higher than those that are very new*

Trial: Trials are last on the raiding roster to be given loot. The trial period is a minimum of 2 weeks; trials should not expect to get anything. However, still make use of RC Loot Council so that if something does drop that others do not need, we can get it to you.

Offspec: The off-spec is a spec that is not used in raids. If you are playing a pure DPS class you will often be main-speccing gear for 2 different specs, these are BOTH your main spec. For healers who are asked to DPS on a somewhat regular basis (more than once a week) Your DPS spec will be considered a main spec. If you play a class with 2 DPS off specs, you will play your ranged DPS off spec and this is considered your MAIN DPS spec. You will roll Main spec for your healing and your RANGED DPS spec. Your other specs are not main specs they are not used in raids regularly.

Alts: Alts will not be in main raids, period.

Members/Future Raiders: Again like alts, they will not be in raids often. They will only attend trivial content that is on farm and will have low priority to gear, under alts of main raiders. Members have 0 priority to their off specs.


* This was made in writing for all to see because of previous issues with loot, raid composition, and difficulty progressing through otherwise easily farmed content*

It was brought to my attention, the frustration and lack of clarity there was for Raiders and social ranks.

If you have questions about this please contact Yaz. Again, this is not to alienate people, but to better equip our raiders and those who will benefit the raid team the most. Those who are not raiders are not benefiting the raid and can harm our progression if given gear that can otherwise be used by others on the raid team.
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Mandatory Addons

Simple few that will make your raiding life a breeze!

Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs - These two addons are used to track timers for fights, mark targets, and general fight guidance.

Exorsus Raid Tools - This addon is used by the guild for several boss encounters and sharing more information.

RCLootCouncil - This addon is used to pass out loot. If you would like to receive loot, you will need to have this addon.

Weak Auras - This addon is used to create images and warnings on your screen for fights. This is not negotiable.


Vuhdo - Great Raid frames for all roles.

Best in Slot - This addon allows you to create a catalog of gear you want for your character, and it tells you which boss it comes from. When a piece of gear drops that is BiS, it will say so on the tooltip for the loot.

Pawn - this addon is amazing if you get hte custom strings for it. Or you can manually make them by looking up the exact stat weights. Be sure to check a few sites and don't take the first thing you read. Having the wrong weights will really fuck everything up.
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Changing your Main Character

As a guild we need our members to be team players and though we want you to play what you want to play. Ultimately we might not be able to support that in our roster at this current time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you would like to change your main.


1. Inform the GM and Officers of your intent to switch mains.

2. You must be switching to a class/role that we are already seeking to fill, or have someone switch with you. Example: Healing Priest wants to be melee, melee wants to be Healing Priest.... win.

3. You may not switch from a vital role to a less vital role without us having a replacement for you.

4. You must have comparable gear. If you want to change from one character to another they need to have a similar ilvl and tier gear. It is not the guilds job to gear your alt so that you can use it as your main. Unless we ask you to switch for the benefit of the guild, this will be soley on you to do on your own time.

5. When you do switch your main, your new main will become a trial for 2 weeks. During this time you will have no priority to loot. This is to ensure you have enough time on that character in our raids to decide that you definitively want to play this class and we are not giving you gear and then you change your mind. This will also help prevent abuse of the guild gearing players alts or someone who cannot make up their mind.

6. you may only change your main once every 6 months.

7. Exception to the above rule, You may go back to your original main at any time within the first week. You may also change class/roles if you are explicitly asked to, to accommodate the raid in a time of need.

* If you are switching back and you had swapped places with another person, this person must also agree to switch back, and they are NOT obligated to switch back *

8. You may NOT have more than one main in the same team. If you have 2 mains you need to keep them both to equal levels

9. As an officer core we reserve the right to deny a request to change mains. The request will be voted on by the officers before you are allowed to change.

if you have any other questions about this please do not hesitate to ask.
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